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After downloading files from your email or my account area you can setup in a few minutes. 

Importing and activating your license key

Start your Visual Studio IDE (2012 and above); Go to File > New Project (You can create a Visual C# or a Visual Basic project).

If the Toolbox Tab isn’t visible, open it by navigating to the View menu and selecting Toolbox or typing CTRL + W, X.

In the Toolbox, right-click and add a new Tab and give it any name of your choice. After that right click on your tab and from the context menu select the Choose Items… menu option as shown below:

A new window will open for you to select the file you need to import. Click Browse…  button and navigate to the folder in which you extracted Bunifu Dataviz DLL files. 

 If you purchased dataviz basic you will see Bunfu Dataviz Basic DLL whereas if your purchased dataviz advanced you will see Bunifu Dataviz Advanced DLL. 

It will take a few seconds for Visual Studio to load the selected chart controls. Click OK once the selected controls have fully loaded. 

Your toolbox should now be loaded with dataviz control. Drag it to your form and the following activation window should display:

Input your license and key then click activate. A pop window confirming successful activation should display. 

That's it!

You can now proceed and use required chart controls on your form. 

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