Bunifu User Control is one unique control in that it allows developers to build their own User Controls on top of it, using built-in features such as curving the borders or styling the control's surface. You can also easily implement your own custom designs using the .NET Graphics API that allows you to draw more shapes and effects.

Here's a sample UI inspiration combining various aspects of the control, including the circular shapes:

And here's a preview of Bunifu User Control in action:


Here's a list of the built-in properties:
(1) BackColor: Applies the control's background color.
(2) BorderColor: Applies the control's border color.
(3) BorderRadius: Sets the control's border or corner radius.
(4) BorderThickness: Sets the control's border thickness.
(5) ShowBorders: Allows showing/hiding of the control's borders.
(6) Style: Applies either a round or a flat style to the control's surface.


The list of built-in events are:
(1) BackColorChanged: Raised whenever the control's background color has changed.
(2) BorderColorChanged: Raised whenever the control's border color has changed.
(3) BorderRadiusChanged: Raised whenever the control's border radius has changed.
(4) BorderThicknessChanged: Raised whenever the control's border thickness has changed.
(5) ShowBordersChanged: Raised whenever the control's ShowBorders properties have changed.
(5) StyleChanged: Raised whenever the control's Style  property has changed.

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